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Are all my hutchers out there okay? Any one need a glass of water or something?

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Drawing of Josh Hutcherson. :) Used charcoal and a 0.5 HB pencil.

i cant breathe

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Awwwwww <3
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Like this if you think Justin Bieber is fucking horrible looking, idgaf what you all say. Josh Hutcherson is the best looking person out there though, that fucking jaw ahhaa.

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Anonymous: JOSH DOESN'T KNOW YOU EXIST. you shouldn't even be embarrassed if he saw them. SO FUCKING WHAT??!?!?!

Hahahahah this is the funniest shit ever. Two people run this blog and so I turned on my tumblr and found this and said hahahahahahahah omfg night made. Ok well Jills opinion: Yeah I dont know what going on but this is awesome haha. And I dont care if he doesnt know I exist, it kind of makes it ok then to have a pillowcase and cardboard cutout. hahahahaha 

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Anonymous: you shouldn't tell people what to do because your fanfic, if you do write it, sucks. stop bashing on the josh hutcherson fandom, bitch.

wait what??? Did I bash the fandom that im in??????

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Anonymous: you just got chewed out by a part of the josh fandom HA how 'bout you don't ask people to stop doing things they love. that's bullshit. sorry that your little ass can't handle the fact that there are some DAMN good fanfic writers in this fandom. is someone a little jealous? i think so. if you don't like it, gtfo, duh. cause honey, it's not stopping any time soon.


do you know how long ago that post was made? damn you showed me you fucking made me look like a fool damn you fiesty. get your hormones in check you pre-pubescent little fangirl. All I said was that it’s fucking awkward to read them, and what if josh stumbled upon them someday?

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Anonymous: dont tell people what to do


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Rules for the Josh Hutcherson fandom :


1. always reblog dat ass  

2.always reblog Driver 

3. always reblog BIG SEXY

4.always reblog the jaw

5. always reblog the bulge 

6.always reblog that smile

7 always reblog Josh in tank tops 

8 always reblog Josh in suits

9 always reblog Josh on his motorbike

10. when you are done with that go into the nearest corner and cry .

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